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The borderlands 2 splinter group can be mean a mission (critical) in Borderland 2 that operated by Splinter Group.

Splinter Group is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Patricia Tannis. It becomes available after A Dam Fine Rescue is complete. Patricia Tannis has hired you to identify and kill four harmful, mutated escapees from Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. They are hiding in Bloodshot Stronghold, but be cautious they’re well-armed, and color-coordinated. First, you will need to get some pizza from Moxxi’s bar obviously, these creatures love pizza.”

There are some Objectives and walkthrough that you can feel on the game, eg:

  • Get Moxxi’s pizza
  • Mind to hideout
  • Get buzzed in
  • Deliver pizza
  • Kill splinter group: /4

Finding the Splinter Group The mission is began by speaking to Tannis, who speaks of an organization of bandits who grew to become mutated. The initial step in the mission would be to retrieve the pizza from Moxxi’s Bar. Once acquired, the pizza will be come to Bloodshot Stronghold.

After two rooms is really a room with two bridges along with a short drop lower into water channels around the edges. One of these channels meets with a sewer tunnel leading from the chamber, which opens out into several rooms populated with Rats.

The walk-through the sewers ends in an intercom, which could be activated to obtain buzzed in. The pizza will be left on the table in the center of an area, and when it’s placed the Splinter Group will spawn.

The Splinter group will initially arrive one at a time and can make an effort to flee if hurt by roughly 50% of their maximum health.

You’ll be able to kill the individual rats before they could leave. When Mick continues to be sufficiently weakened, all remaining rats can look at the same time.

Players attempting the challenge Cut Them No Slack may decide to avoid dealing an excessive amount of damage too rapidly to prevent killing the group out of order.

The room after the area the Splinter Group is fought against in has various levers and switches additionally to some panel with 5 red lights. You will find four switches:

  • a pipe valve,
  • a ground lever,
  • a wall switch
  • along with a television.

Each switch changes the light from red to eco-friendly and the lights altered alternates with each use, see below:. You will find discrepancies between reports regarding how to summon Flinter.

Different settings may be possible between consoles or individual games. The mission reward is really a unique shotgun RokSalt.

All people of the splinter group comes with an elevated opportunity to drop popular grenade mod, the Storm Front . The pizza could be interacted with and eaten after being put on the table, and can heal the character for around 50% of their maximum health.

The mission is really a mention of the the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles . Upon entering the mission area, Tannis informs the player ‘not to chop them any slack’ – a mention of the the theme song of the original animated series (“When the evil Shredder attacks / These Turtle boys don’t cut him no slack”).

Table of Contents

Splinter Group mission puzzle

In the mission “Splinter Group” you’re able to an area free of opponents once you undergo a pipe, and contains buttons and levers you should use. to obtain an extra boss (or perhaps a needed boss to kill, dunno, was too intrigued with the puzzle) you have to illuminate all 5 lights on the wall using 4 buttons/switches.

The four switches effect the lights (1=activates/deactivates the light for the reason that place, =does absolutely nothing to that light for the reason that slot.), plus they each cycle through two different effects. 2: 10101.

Preferably, you’d start with all the lights being off (red), if they’re not, just fiddle with the switches till they’re. after they will be to get all of these to be eco-friendly, use the switches within this order:.

  1. pull the lever until the lighting is 10100.
  2. push the turn on the television two times.
  3. use the valve on the pipe two times. all the lights will be eco-friendly. basically designed a mistake in almost any of my info, you can correct me. my pal first got it at random as i sitting there attempting to decipher it, however i returned to the puzzle later to publish this here.

All Used to do was make the lights eco-friendly then hit the turn on the right, and the guy sprang out. I believe I’d hit the TV initially when i first walked in but nothing happened, i then fiddled with the lights;

In the mission “Splinter Group” you’re able to an area free of opponents once you undergo a pipe, and contains buttons and levers you should use. to obtain an extra boss (or perhaps a needed boss to kill, dunno, was too intrigued with the puzzle) you have to illuminate all 5 lights on the wall using 4 buttons/switches.

Xbox One Versioning on Splinter Group

On the quest “Splinter Group” you’ll arrived at three switches witch cause light above the “Dahl” chest to illuminate. anybody understand how to get all lights eco-friendly? allisearians – many years ago.

Press each eco-friendly light in the room, it ought to be about three or four of them, which should open the secret enemy too.

Each switch includes a cycle of 4 combinations. So you’ve to understand what are all & settle your differences. If you’re able to get basically the 3rd one eco-friendly a fiddle with the 2 nearest switches should help you good. Splinter seems by the front right switch.

Launch into the Borderlands world and shoot n loot the right path via a completely new adventure that rockets you onto.

The Borderlands 2 Games Guide

There also the game help guide to Borderlands 2 there is also a detailed description of the side mission entitled Splinter Group.

You can begin this quest in the Sanctuary location after finishing the primary mission named A Dam Fine Save. Mind to Roland’s hideout and speak with Tannis on the first floor

  1.  She will explain of an organization of fugitives whom you must take care of. First of all mind to Moxxi
  2. and get the Pizza from the screenshot. Now visit Bloodshot Stronghold by utilizing Fast Travel. Follow the corridors you’ll achieve the place proven in the above screenshot which results in the Mutant hideout
  3. If you are visiting el born area after finishing A Dam Fine Save, there is a chance you will find a robotic from the above screenshot, which will explode and kill two Bandits.
  4. Approach its wreck and take Loader #1340 AI Core to start Out of Body Experience (information on this mission are available in the proper chapter). Keep heading onwards and eliminating opponents before you achieve a hatch proven above. After the conversation, the hatch will open and you’ll have to leap lower.
  5. Place the Pizza on the table [4] to start the fight. You’ll have to face four Mutant leaders one to another. After losing 70-80% of their existence, they’ll try to escape.
  6. With the 4th of them (Mick) seriously wounded, everyone will show up on the arena. Finish them off and away to open the passage through which you will get out of the sewers
  7. Go back to Sanctuary to complete the mission by speaking with Tannis

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